Tory councils to shun Labour

The Conservatives plan on converting their local election success into added pressure on the Labour government, a report claims.

The Guardian cites shadow communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles telling Tory council leaders at a meeting in Nottingham his plans to shun further cooperation with Labour.

Mr Pickles is quoted as saying Conservative councils should stand up to the “bullying and controlling government”.

“Right across the land Labour has lost its mandate, it is unreasonable to Conservative councils to deliver for the government unless there is consensus,” Mr Pickles said.

“We are not in the business of delivering ‘Labour Lite’; local priorities now must take precedent.”

Mr Pickles says Conservative councils will not resort to illegal measures in their campaign of resistance.

Instead he believes the Tories will begin to assume a leadership role against the government in areas where the central government can only offer suggestions and advice, not orders.

“Local residents want quality frontline services at value for money prices. They don’t want their council wasting time on money on nanny state, politically correct or vanity projects,” he added.

“A new partnership between the Labour government and Conservative councils is possible for the betterment of smooth running local government; but that partnership must be built on a centre-right consensus.”