Labour hustings come to Glasgow

Contenders for the deputy leadership of the Labour party have been taking part in hustings in Glasgow today.

Chancellor and soon-to-be prime minister Gordon Brown also travelled and took part in the debates, despite being the only candidate for the leadership of the party.

Mr Brown set out his vision for Britain and reiterated his leadership message already set down in previous speeches, but there was little mention of Labour’s recent defeat in the Scottish parliamentary elections.

The prime minister in-waiting made general comments, notably referring back to what he learnt from his own father about how he wishes to be remembered.

Mr Brown said: “My father used to say to me when I growing up: How do you want to be thought about? How do you want people to remember you?

“Do you want to be remembered for having. power? Or do you want to be remembered as someone who helped someone when they were in need?”

International development secretary Hilary Benn, party chairman Hazel Blears, Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain, backbencher Jon Cruddas, education minister Alan Johnson and constitutional affairs minister Harriet Harman are all in the running for the deputy leadership.

Mr Benn has emerged as the bookies favourite after Labour constituency nominations formally closed on Friday showing the international development secretary had the support of 77 local parties.

In second place was Mr Cruddas, followed by Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson, Hazel Blears and Peter Hain.

Mr Benn has built on a slow start in his bid for deputy position after struggling to gain the 45 nominations from MPs which is necessary to get on the ballot.