Ja’afari: The resolution sends the wrong message

Syrian permanent representative Bashar Ja'afari to the United Nations says that the passing of the draft resolution will embolden those his government says are responsible for the violence.

"In this context, we would like to confirm that any biased, unobjective resolution would only send the wrong message to all of these extremists and terrorists, a message that their violence and their deliberate sabotage received the support of the members states of the United Nations and their encouragement,"

"Consequently, the adoption of such a resolution would only lead to tightening of the crisis and more violence in the region as a whole instead of solving the crisis peacefully.

"[Other countries are] leading political and media aggression against Syria, providing all logistical support, all media, financial, and political support to the armed terrorist groups and securing them coverage in international fora

"They meant not to give any responsibility to the armed terrorist groups for launching terrorist attacks against the institutions of the state or civilians.

"They have ignored the reference to the responsibility, the sole responsibility of the Syrian state, the exclusive responsibility to protect its citizens from these attacks.

"[Syrian intends to hold a referendum on a new constitution] which provides for the establishment of a modern democratic Syrian state, a state of citizenship, of law, and equality among all citizens based on political pluralism and the separation of powers as well as the protection of public freedoms and the democratic exercise of authority through the ballot box."