EHRC: Home care services must respect basic human rights

Sally Greengross, commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, outlines the findings of the EHRC's report on failing home care standards:

"It is essential that care services respect people's basic human rights.

"This is not about burdensome red tape, it is about protecting people from the kind of dehumanising treatment we have uncovered.

"The emphasis is on saving pennies rather than providing a service which will meet the very real needs of our grandparents, our parents, and eventually all of us.

"This inquiry proposes some steps that would make sure human rights are protected in future – including changes to the law so that, at a minimum, all people getting publically funded home care are protected by the Human Rights Act. Currently this is not the case.

"Most of us will want to carry on living in our own homes in later life, even if we need help to do so.

"When implemented, the recommendations from this inquiry will provide secure foundations for a home care system that will let us do so safely, with dignity and independence."