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"The failure of the Conservatives to invest sufficient resources to meet the needs of patients has now become intolerable"

Paying people to house NHS patients is not a solution to our social care crisis

Norman Lamb on why NHS pilot should never have been considered in the first place

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  • Clegg is keen to defend his party's record in government

    'Every trick in the book': It's Clegg 2.0

    Nick Clegg was accused of trying "every trick in the book" to distance himself from his record today, after he made a keynote speech describing the Liberal Democrats as the only genuine party of the middle ground.

  • These are worrying times for Lib Dems

    Cable: Ukip need to be taken seriously

    Business secretary Vince Cable has acknowledged the growth of Ukip as a force in British politics, saying the coalition parties need to start "engaging with them on major issues".

  • Stephen Tall is Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice

    Comment: The Lib Dems must weather these mid-term blues

    A year ago, May 5th 2011, was the grimmest of days for the Liberal Democrats. The party lost some 700 councillors, and, more cruelly still, a once-in-a-generation chance of electoral reform at Westminster with the rejection of the AV referendum. The question hovering over Thursday's set of elections is: is 2011 as bad as it gets for the party?

  • A major policy victory claimed by the Lib Dem leader

    Clegg claims victory over NHS reforms

    Nick Clegg will strike a triumphal note when he addresses Liberal Democrat MPs tomorrow, claiming he has won major concessions on NHS reform.

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