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No date has yet been set for the seat of former speaker Michael Martin
SNP calls for recess by-election in Glasgow North East

By Liz Stephens The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) criticised the government today for failing to confirm a date for the Glasgow North East by-election before the start of the parliamentary recess. No date has yet been set for the seat of former speaker Michael Martin, and unless the government move the writ tomorrow, the constituency… Read more »

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Two thousand schoolchildren ‘learn moor’

More than 2,000 schoolchildren were treated to an upland educational experience during this year’s Let’s Learn Moor events. Talks and interactive presentations were provided by those who live and work in the uplands including gamekeepers, farmers, conservationists, local organisations and the emergency services. Now in its fifth year the project continues to offer local schools… Read more »

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Sir Patrick Cormack has called on the government to allow the committee access to intelligence on the Omagh bombings
MPs refused access to Omagh bombing findings

By Liz Stephens The government has been criticised today for refusing to grant access to a key report into the Omagh bombing for MPs in charge of scrutinising policy in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland affairs committee (NIAC) has sought access to the Gibson review of intelligence intercepts for almost six months as part of… Read more »