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Welsh government position on shooting confirmed

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has received ministerial confirmation which quashes claims that country sports will be banned in Wales by 2024.  The false information was spread through a series of social media posts in March this year, which made claims that shooting and other country sports would have no future in… Read more »

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Diplomatic attempts to end the war may be at risk from the cuts
Counter-terror cuts prompt fierce backlash

By Alex Stevenson and Ian Dunt. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have demanded the government explains why counter-terrorism resources for Pakistan are being cut. Foreign Office minister Glenys Kinnock admitted to the Lords yesterday that a “vigorous efficiencies programme” had not failed to prevent “staff redundancies, cuts to travel and training, and reduced programme funding… Read more »

Cameron appalled by Doncaster violence in torture incident
Cameron concern over Doncaster torture ‘cover-up’ risk

By staff David Cameron has attacked the government’s failure to address violence in Doncaster before two boys were tortured and sexually abused last year. The Conservative leader used four of his six questions in prime minister’s questions time to press Gordon Brown on whether the current processes supposed to prevent similar instances happening again… Read more »