Bullying in schools

'Bullying' refers to physical or psychological chastisement or intimidation.

Burgon, Richard

Richard Burgon, Labour MP for Leeds East

Business (Wales)

The agenda is normally decided by the Welsh Assembly Government in the person of the Business Minister (on the advice of the Business Committee), who tables a weekly business motion. If ten AMs have indicated that they object to the motion, it is put to a vote. The Assembly Government can normally rely on its...

Business and the Parliamentary Bureau

The agenda for the parliament is decided by the Parliamentary Bureau, which agrees a weekly business motion. Chaired by the presiding officer, it is made up of representatives of each party with more than five MSPs and meets in private. Representatives' votes are weighted in line with their parties' seats in the parliament, so the...

Business and the Usual Channels (Commons)

It is impossible to over-emphasise the importance of time, and the control of time, in the Commons. It is a key Parliamentary tactic because, except in certain circumstances, legislation falls if it does not become law before prorogation. This means that a government cannot fulfil its commitments to the electorate and implement its policy, which...

Business and the Usual Channels (Lords)

Time is the dominant force in Lords as it is in the Commons. It is not, however, subject to the same tight control at the hands of the Government as it is in the Lower House. While there is a broad consensus that the Government has a right to its business, there is a similar...

Business Rates

Business rates are paid by occupiers and owners of commercial and industrial property to the local authority, but at a rate set by central Government.

Business statement

The weekly business announcement by the Leader of the House takes the form of a statement, which is followed by requests for debates and changes to business from all sides. This normally lasts a full hour.

Butler, Dawn

Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent Central

Byrne, Liam

Liam Byrne, Labour MP for Birmingham, Hodge Hill

Byron Davies

Byron Davies, Conservative MP for Gower


The Cabinet is the pre-eminent body of government. Made up of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and all other Secretaries of State, including other Ministers of 'Cabinet-rank' such as the Chief Whip, any Minister without Portfolio (normally a party chairman) or key Ministers of State (including the Chief Secretary to the Treasury) and the Commons...

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees are groupings of Ministers designed to take the pressure off full Cabinet and to provide a lower-level forum for decision-making, consideration of current issues relating to government and resolution of inter-departmental disagreement. Cabinet Committees are set up by the Prime Minister who appoints their membership, which varies and can include Ministers who do...

Cadbury, Ruth

Ruth Cadbury, Labour MP for Brentford & Isleworth

Cairns, Alun

Alun Cairns, Conservative MP for Vale of Glamorgan

Callum McCaig

Callum McCaig, SNP MP for Aberdeen South

Calum Kerr

Calum Kerr, SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk

Cameron, Lisa

Lisa Cameron, SNP MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven, Stonehouse & Lesmahagow

Campbell, Gregory

Gregory Campbell, DUP MP for Londonderry East