Brady, Mickey

Mickey Brady, Sinn Fein MP for Newry & Armagh

Braverman, Suella

Suella Fernandes, Conservative MP for Fareham

Brennan, Kevin

Kevin Brennan, Labour MP for Cardiff West

Brian Binley

Northampton South, Conservative

Brian Donohoe

Brian Donohoe, Labour MP for Central Ayrshire -

Bridgen, Andrew

Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire

Brine, Steve

Steve Brine, Conservative MP for Winchester

British Summer Time (BST)

British Summer Time marks the beginning and the end of the official summer season. BST is calculated by putting Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) forward one hour at the start of the period and removing one hour at the end.

Brock, Deidre

Deidre Brock, SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

Brokenshire, James

James Brokenshire, Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup

Brooks Newmark

Brooks Newmark, Conservative MP for Braintree -

Brown, Alan

Alan Brown, SNP MP for Kilmarnock & Loudoun

Brown, Lyn

Lyn Brown, Labour MP for West Ham

Brown, Nick

Nicholas Brown, Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend

Brownfield Development

'Brownfield' land is an area of land or premises that has been previously used, but has subsequently become vacant, derelict or contaminated. This term derived from its opposite, undeveloped or 'greenfield' land. Brownfield sites typically require preparatory regenerative work before any new development goes ahead, and can also be partly occupied.

Bryant, Chris

Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda

Buck, Karen

Karen Buck, Labour MP for Westminster North

Buckland, Robert

Robert Bucland, Conservative MP for Swindon South


What is the Budget? The Budget is the government of the day's main set-piece economic event.