Johnson presides over his new Cabinet on Friday morning.


The Cabinet is the pre-eminent body of government of the United Kingdom. Meetings of the full Cabinet are normally held once a week on a Thursday morning, although historically the frequency has varied.Read More
Ministers leave after a Cabinet meeting. The narrative of the government becomes ever more difficult to discern.

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees are groupings of Ministers designed to take the pressure off full Cabinet and to provide a lower-level forum for decision-making. Cabinet Committees are set up by the Prime Minister, and he or she appoints their membership.  Read More
Social Care

Care Act 2014

The 2014 Care Act changed the way that adults in England who require care due to old age, illness or disability receive support. At the heart of the Care Act is the 'wellbeing principle', which establishes local authorities' responsibility to safeguard and further the wellbeing of those under their jurisdiction.Read More


The census for England and Wales is carried out by the Office of National Statistics every 10 years, with the aim of building a detailed snapshot of society.Read More

Children Act 1989

The 1989 Children Act brought together and simplified existing legislation relating to the care of children.  Within family law, it shifted the legislative focus towards keeping families together, and valuing children as individuals with their own interests and rights.Read More
Ministers lose right to determine civil service appointments

Civil Service

The Civil Service is the operational and management tool of the Government. Civil servants implement the outcomes of the policy-making process under the supervision of Government Ministers.Read More
Bercow announces his decision to the Commons this afternoon

Committee of the Whole House

A Committee of the Whole House is when the Committee Stage of a Bill is taken on the floor of the House of Commons. Such committees normally only take place for emergency Bills, for certain clauses of the Finance Bill and for the clauses of Bills that have constitutional significance.Read More
Stock Exchange

Companies Act 2006

The 2006 Companies Act is the main Act now regulating British company law. It replaced the Companies Acts of 1985 and 1989. The Act is said to be the longest piece of legislation approved by Parliament.Read More

Computer Misuse Act

The 1990 Computer Misuse Act represented the first major legislative attempt to tackle cyber threats and criminalise hacking, viruses, malware, and spyware. There were 441 prosecutions under the Computer Misuse Act between 2007 and 2018.Read More

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the governing party in the British House of Commons. Sitting on the centre right of the political spectrum, the Conservatives are the oldest party still represented in Parliament. With every decade older that a voter becomes, their chance of voting Conservative is said to increase by around 9%.Read More

Consideration of Amendments

If a Parliamentary Bill is amended in the Lords or Commons, and the Lords or Commons reject or change the other House's amendments, it must return to the other House so it can endorse or reject the amendments.Read More


Government consultations are sounding exercises on the possibility of a government policy or a change in policy.Read More
Consumer Rights Act

Consumer Rights Act 2015

The aim of the 2015 Consumer Rights Act is designed to aid both consumers and retailers in understanding their rights and responsibilities, and thus to reduce and simplify disputes. It also seeks to encourage business based on fair practices and access to information.Read More
John Bercow will be well aware today that the expenses scandal unseated his predecessor in the Speaker's chair

How the House of Commons Speaker is chosen

Commons Speaker - How is the Speaker Choosen?Read More
Jeremy Corbyn makes first keynote conference speech as Labour leader

Is Jeremy Corbyn Still part of the Labour Party?

An overview of Jeremy Corbyn's current relationship with the Labour Party. What comes next for the former party leader?Read More

Next Conservative Leader Odds

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What is David Cameron doing now?

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