Welsh Government – Composition

The Welsh Government is made up of the First Minister and eight Welsh Ministers. The composition of the current Welsh government is detailed here.Read More
Catherine McKinell speaks in the Westminster Hall debate about a minister for hospitality

Westminster Hall

In the early part of the Twenty First Century, the time available on the main floor of the House of Commons for so called Private Members debates had become curtailed. This led to the development of the Westminster Hall format.Read More
White paper on House of Lords reform due today

White Paper

White Papers are detailed statements of Government policy, which set the broad principles for legislation, although not all White Papers lead to new laws.Read More
Starmer: Sudden poll movement puts Labour leader in much better position.

Why was Keir Starmer Knighted?

Details of why Sir Keir Starmer received his knighthood, and whether it has any impact on how the labour leader is perceived by voters.Read More

Woke – What does it mean?

An overview of the term 'woke'. What does it mean? What are its origins? How many Brits today regard themselves as woke?Read More
Bercow announces his decision to the Commons this afternoon

Written Questions

Written questions to the government can be tabled by any MP. During the decade 2010 to 2019, the average number of written questions was said to be 3,462 a month. The cost of answering a written question has previously been estimated as costing £140.Read More
Minister ready to use Parliament Act to push through Lords reform

Written Questions – House of Lords

Written Questions are questions posed to the government by a Member of the House of Lords.  They are designed to elicit further information and confirmation around government policy.Read More