Gary Neville – A Future Labour Party MP?

A profile of ex footballer turned political commentator, Gary Neville. What does Neville believe in, what are some of his most notable political soundbites, and is he now destined to become a Labour MP?Read More

Generation Rent

An overview of what the term generation rent is meant to mean, the political debate, and the problems that young people face in getting on the housing ladder.Read More

Gesture Politics

What does gesture politics mean? What are the best examples of gesture politics.Read More
Downing Street aide Ruth Turner questioned over loans for honours row

Government Bills

Government Bills are Public Bills that are introduced by Government Ministers.Read More
Treasury rejects report suggesting it lost £8.4 billion in VAT fraud last year

Government Spending

Government spending is controlled by the Treasury, which must account for all expenditure by departments. The Comprehensive Spending Review sets a Departmental Expenditure Limit, which is the department's budget going forward.Read More
David Cameron meets with his new policy board

Green Papers

Green Papers are consultative papers on the options that the Government has determined are available to it in a certain policy area, sometimes including suggestions for legislation.Read More

Green Party

The Green Party is a left of centre political party with a specific focus on environmentalism. In the 2019 General Election, the Green Party polled 2.7% of the popular vote. However at 48,500, the Green Party's membership is a quarter of that of the Conservatives and half that of the Lib Dems.Read More
2010 general election was marred by queues as polls closed

How often are general elections held in the UK?

An overview of the regularlity of UK General Elections, including the current rules, past intervals, and the practices in other countries.Read More