Bishop of Chester: "my first-hand experience of pornography is very limited"


There are 26 Bishops from the Church of England (the Lords Spiritual) who currently have an automatic right to sit in the House of Lords. Alongside, the Vatican and Iran, the UK is one of just three countries in the world, where "clerics" are automatically entitled to participate in law making.Read More
Boris front runner as Tory candidate

Boris Johnson Net Worth

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is entitled to an annual salary of £161,401. All of his recent predecessors as Prime Minister have been able to command substantial earnings and fees on leaving office.Read More
Polling booth: Euro election results do little to predict general election performance

By election

An overview of by elections: what causes them, how often are they held, and details of those that have occured during this parliament.Read More
Boris Johnson calls for a 'Tory' London mayor - "no mucking about"

How old is Boris Johnson?

How old is Boris Johnson? How does this compare with other political figures and previous prime ministers.Read More

The Budget

The Budget is the government of the day's main set-piece economic event. It comprises two key elements: the Chancellor's Budget speech to the House of Commons and the publication of the government's detailed financial reports.Read More
Blair to meet Chirac

Tony Blair Net Worth – How wealthy is the former Labour leader?

An overview of the different public reports of the net worth of the former Labour prime minister, Tony Blair.Read More