Sir Christopher Chope speaking in the Commons as plans to criminalise upskirting have been derailed | Copyright: PA

Adjournment Debates

A debate on a motion for the adjournment of the House (an adjournment debate) allows for an issue to be debated before the House of Commons then adjourns for the day.Read More
The killing of Jo Cox has united Westminster and the country in sorrow

All Party Groups

All Party Groups provide an opportunity for parliamentarians to engage with individuals and organisations outside Parliament who share an interest in the subject matter of their Group. They focus either on countries or particular topics.Read More

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland describes itself as a non-sectarian party which advocates co-operation between nationalist and unionist communities. Advancing in the polls in recent years, the Alliance Party is now the third largest political party in Northern Ireland.Read More

Artificial Intelligence Policy

An overview of government policy on artificial intelligence. What are the threats and opportunities presented by AI for the UK?Read More