‘We’re not doing that’: Penny Mordaunt says home secretary has ‘no plans’ to ban tents

Speaking after delivering the weekly business statement today, leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt told MPs that home secretary Suella Braverman has “no plans” to ban tents.

She said: “On tents, the home secretary has no plans to ban millets. We’re not doing that. This government has made the largest investment ever in tackling homelessness and rough sleeping”.

The comments came after shadow leader of the House of Commons Lucy Powell said: “The prime minister is too weak to stand up to his home secretary, who wants to criminalise giving homeless people tents because she thinks it’s a lifestyle choice”.

She added: “We all know what she’s up to. It’s naked. Instead of sacking her, the prime minister cowers is next to her. He’s cowering next to her today, too. She’s out of control. She’s utterly irresponsible, undermining the police while stoking up division ahead of a difficult and important weekend”.

The game Suella Braverman is playing