Penny Mordaunt appears to suggest PM should ‘reflect on his actions’ over trans jibe

Speaking to the commons after delivering the weekly business statement today, leader of the House Penny Mordaunt referenced the prime minister’s jibe at Keir Starmer yesterday, in which the Labour leader was accused of not being able to “define a woman”.

Responding to the controversy that has followed the PM’s comments, Mordaunt said: “Whatever the rough and tumble of this place, whatever the pressures and mistakes that are made in the heat of political combat, we owe it to the people who sent us here to strive every day to make them proud of us and this place”.

She added: “The prime minister is a good and caring man. I’m sure that he has reflected on things. … And that is not just about what Mr. and Mrs. Ghey that he should reflect on. But I’m sure he is also reflecting about people who are trans or who have trans loved ones and family, some of whom sit on these green benches”.

“I hope the Leader of the Opposition [Keir Starmer] will also reflect on his actions too”.

The comments came after shadow leader of the House Lucy Powell said: “And this week in prime minister’s question time, we hit a new low. In the week of the first anniversary of the murder of Briana Ghey.

“Whilst her mother was in the public gallery, the prime minister tried to score cheap political points at the expense of trans people, which we and his father condemned as absolutely dehumanising”.

The shadow leader also referenced the prime minister’s widely criticised bet on the Rwanda deportations plan with Piers Morgan. Powell said: “The Prime Minister has this week made some serious misjudgement. On Monday, he shook hands on a bet to deport migrants to Rwanda before the next general election.

“Betting on people’s lives was grim to watch and the ease with which the prime minister agreed to £1,000 bet when so many are suffering through. The Conservative cost of living crisis was a gross spectacle”.