Keir Starmer: ‘The British public want to tell the government to “F off”‘

At prime minister’s questions today Keir Starmer accused the government of telling struggling people to “‘F’ off”, adding that the British public now want to “return the compliment”.

He said: “The truth is, his candidate in Tamworth summed up perfectly just how his Tories are treating the British public. So will he just call a general election and give the British public the chance to respond as they did in Selby, Mid Beds and Tamworth. They’ve heard the government telling them to F off and they want the chance to return the compliment”.

Rishi Sunak responded: “As we saw with his recent decisions on actually building new houses, politicians like him always take the easy way out.

“As far as where we’re concerned, we’re getting on, making the right long term decisions to change this country for the better. On net zero. On HS2. On a smoke free generation. On education and energy security. Contrast that to his leadership”.