Esther McVey says she is ‘committed to delivering common sense decisions’ in new role

Minister without portfolio Esther McVey was today questioned for the first time in her new role at the Cabinet Office amid reports she is the de facto “minister for common sense” in government.

Labour MP Alison McGovern said: “Can I ask her, as a prime minister if you need to install a minister of common sense, is it an admission that you yourself don’t really have any?”.

McVey responded: “I also have seen the reports in the paper describing the as the minister of common sense and I appreciate the concept is a difficult one to grasp for the members on the other side of the bench there”.

“But I am committed to delivering common sense decisions such as delaying the ban on petrol and diesel cars, delaying the ban on oil and gas boards, scrapping HS2, Birmingham to Manchester, reducing the overseas budget – all common sense policies that those on the opposite benches have voted against. This side of the House is full of common sense and I’m building on all those policies”.