David Cameron references ‘friend’ Nick Clegg and takes swipe at Boris Johnson in maiden Lords speech

Lord Cameron addressed the House of Lords for the first time this afternoon, giving his maiden speech as the government’s new foreign secretary.

Reflecting on last week’s reshuffle, Lord Cameron quipped: “It was a surprise to be asked.

“I have not been sitting like some latter day de Gaulle … waiting to be asked, how should I put it, to ‘take back control’. Nor am I Cincinnatus, hovering over my plough.

“I leave all classical allusions, and indeed illusions for that matter, to another former prime minister with whom I shared a number of educational experiences.”

He closed his speech, which was nominally on the UK’s entry into CPTPP, thusly: “It is an investment in a brighter future. And I should know because I was the future once”.

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