Election must spark change for teachers, pupils and schools

Commenting on the announcement by the Prime Minister of a General Election on 4th July, Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, said:

“We welcome the Prime Minister finally moving to announce a General Election.

“July 4th presents a major opportunity for the country to elect a new government that will deliver a new deal for teachers and for children’s education.  It will be a defining moment for the country and for the next generation.

“It is abundantly clear that the current government has run out of road and that the country is crying out for a new administration prepared to tackle the crises in our schools and other public services. The last 14 years have failed to deliver the investment in our schools and colleges that children deserve, whilst we have seen teachers quitting the profession in record numbers.

“Our children’s lives and futures are being damaged by a lack of investment in our schools, colleges and wider support services for children and families.

“More teachers and headteachers are leaving the profession prematurely, whilst targets to train the next generation of teachers have been missed for more than a decade. School buildings are crumbling and increasing numbers of pupils are unable to access the specialist services and support they need.

“This election matters, not just for education in England, but across the UK because in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales high quality education is dependent on a fair funding settlement from Westminster.

“The message from our members is loud and clear: teachers are angry, frustrated and believe the change we need can only come from a new government that is committed to delivering a New Deal for Teachers.

“NASUWT will be campaigning to ensure that the next government will commit to ending the teacher recruitment and retention crisis and ensuring that every child is taught by qualified teachers.

“If politicians want the votes of the teaching profession in this election they have six weeks to prove they are ready to deliver for teachers, pupils, parents and the future of our education system.”