Review outcome could jeopardise wildlife management, warns BASC Scotland

BASC has expressed significant concerns about a number of elements which will be looked at as part of a Scottish Government review of NatureScot’s species licensing functions.

BASC Scotland director Peter Clark said the review into NatureScot’s current licensing approach had the potential to affect the balance between predator control and wildlife management.

He said BASC was particularly concerned about proposals within the review relating to full cost recovery for species licensing and for a public register of licences. They were outlined along with a number of others when the review timetable was published this week.

He said: “The conservation and recovery of wildlife in Scotland is closely tied to the necessity of species management.

“This review could potentially jeopardise predator control and wildlife management, and we have significant concerns at the proposals for full cost recovery and a public register in particular.

“For many living and working in Scotland’s countryside, there is a continual need to prevent significant agricultural damage and to protect vulnerable species and habitats.

“BASC will be engaging in the coming months to ensure our members’ concerns are heard during this review process”.