Firefighters pressure employers not to implement new anti-union laws

The Fire Brigades Union has launched fresh calls for fire and rescue service employers to refuse the government’s minimum service levels, which amounts to an attempt to ban firefighters and control staff from taking strike action.

The FBU is calling on firefighters and members of the public to contact employers directly, pressuring them to protect their right to strike by pledging not to issue work notices under the Minimum Service Levels Act.

In a letter sent to all fire service employers in England, the FBU has warned that implementing work notices will “irreparably damage” industrial relations and threaten public safety.

Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union general secretary said: 

“Firefighters are calling on their employers to stand up for their democratic right to strike by refusing the government’s draconian minimum service levels. Fire chiefs and authorities must listen to their workforce and the public.

“The Fire Brigades Union urges all fire and rescue services to make it clear that they will not threaten the frontline with the sack during any period of strike action.”