Greenpeace reaction to Ofgem price cap

Responding to Ofgem’s latest price cap announcementGreenpeace UK’s climate campaigner, Georgia Whitaker, said:

“The wild swing in energy prices we’ve seen over the past two years couldn’t be a clearer indication of the urgent need to move away from fossil fuels and their volatile prices.

“But instead of speeding up the shift towards a fully renewable energy system – which would bring consistently lower bills, more energy security and massively help tackle climate change – our government is doubling down on oil and gas by attempting to make its extraction a legal requirement. It’s like trying to put out a fire by dousing it with petrol.

“Government backed schemes to insulate homes, which is the number one way to bring people’s bills down for good, have also effectively ground to a halt. Our defunct government has learned nothing from the energy crisis and, without an urgent shift in policy, they’ll be severely punished by bill payers at the ballot box later this year.”