Latest honours list highlights ‘collapse of restraint’ as yet more peers crammed into bloated Lords

Reacting to the latest peerages created in the honours list announced yesterday evening, Willie Sullivan, Senior Director Campaigns for the Electoral Reform Society, said:

“The sight of the bloated House of Lords being stuffed with yet even more peers to hand jobs-for-life to party donors and supporters will only further corrode public trust in politics.

“At around 800 members [1], the Lords is already the second largest legislative chamber in the world after China’s National People’s Congress.

“This latest honours list only highlights the collapse of restraint we are witnessing at Westminster when it comes to creating new peerages and just how unsustainable the current unelected, unlimited Lords has become.

“The Lords urgently needs to be reformed and replaced with a smaller elected chamber, with a set number of members, where the people of this country, not prime ministers, decide who sits in Parliament making the laws we all live under.”