Boris Johnson’s resignation honours represent ‘new low’

  • For immediate release – statement from the Electoral Reform Society
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Commenting on today’s announcement Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society said:

“Boris Johnson’s resignation list demonstrates just how discredited and partisan the honours system has become.

“The extra new peers being stuffed into the bloated second chamber mean that Mr Johnson has personally created more than 70 new lifetime appointments to the Lords, which already has around 800 members and is the second largest legislature in the world after China’s National People’s Congress. [1]

“These latest peerages mean that Mr Johnson has been the most partisan ennobler since 1997, with almost two thirds of his appointments sitting as Conservative peers. [2]

“It also represents a shameful new low that the list has been shoved out while the former Prime Minister is still under investigation and could face suspension from parliament.

“It is clear that any restraint has collapsed when it comes to the honours system, and it has no place in a modern democracy. It’s time to end this rotten system of patronage and replace the unelected Lords with a smaller elected chamber, where the people of this country – not former prime ministers – chose who shape the laws we all live under.”