ERS calls for voter ID to be scrapped after thousands denied vote at local elections

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The Electoral Reform Society is calling for voter ID to be scrapped after figures from the Electoral Commission showed that 14,000 people did not vote after being turned away on polling day.
Following the report, Dr Jess Garland, Director of Policy and Research for the Electoral Reform Society said:

“The stark fact revealed by this report is that 14,000 people who went to polling stations were prevented from casting their vote due to ID requirements.

“Voting is a fundamental democratic right and one person being stopped from casting their rightful vote is one too many.

“The Government needs to scrap this ill-thought-through and unnecessary scheme to prevent similar scenes unfolding at a General Election.

“Provisions also need to be put in place to properly monitor the impact of voter ID on the upcoming by-elections, especially as a number of them are being held in areas that did not hold local elections this year.”