Greenpeace reaction to EU climate proposals

Responding to leaked drafts of the European Commission’s proposals for EU climate targets for 2040 and carbon capture and storage technology in Europe, Greenpeace UK’s Head of Politics Rebecca Newsom said: 

“While the EU considers inching forward with its climate commitments, the UK government is in a state of drift. Europe’s proposals are a mixed bag, and they rely too much on dodgy technologies, but at least they show the desire to travel somewhere. The UK doesn’t seem to know where it’s going as it abandons policies – leaving bill-payers and our fragile climate exposed.

“While Europe’s green industrial strategy aims to realise the health and business opportunities of the climate transition, the UK’s policy roll-backs face growing criticism from investors who are tired of the uncertainty and mixed messages. The US and China are already investing heavily in the green technologies of the future, and today’s announcement is evidence that the EU could still be in the race.

“If the UK wants to avoid looking like a fossil fuel backwater, it needs to invest billions in green infrastructure and immediately end new oil and gas production. The extra support communities and workers need to transition, at home and abroad, should be funded through taxes on fossil fuel companies. Only then will the UK be in a position to seize growth opportunities, and credibly claim any kind of leadership on climate.”