Institution of Civil Engineers responds to second National Infrastructure Assessment


In response to today’s National Infrastructure Assessment published by the National Infrastructure Commission, Dr. Janet Young, Director General, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) said:

“If the UK continues its stop/start approach to infrastructure planning and fails to commit to long-term goals, it will not only miss the much-needed opportunity to attract private investment to deliver needed projects, the problems being faced by the public will get bigger.

“Today’s National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA2) from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) reinforces the central role that infrastructure plays in meeting the big challenges that the UK faces – namely, regional inequalities, decarbonising society, and improving climate resiliency.

“Since the first NIA, good progress has been made against its recommendations. For example, there’s been tremendous growth in renewable energy. But in other areas, like reducing transport emissions, progress has been slow.

“Politicians should use the recommendations in NIA2 to keep making progress. When they do, results are visible, and people benefit. When they don’t, problems get stored up for the future.”