Institution of Civil Engineers comment on Autumn Statement

In response to today’s Autumn Statement, Chris Richards, director of policy at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), said:

‘In its Infrastructure Assessment (NIA2) the National Infrastructure Commission emphasised the need for ‘pace over perfection’ because the UK urgently needs to make progress on its long-term goals like decarbonising the infrastructure system.

‘But for those looking for direction from the Chancellor on how the UK will pick up the pace, today’s Autumn Statement was disappointing.

‘Infrastructure will play a big role in the challenges the UK needs to overcome, but to make progress, clarity and investment are necessary.

‘While the commitments on grid infrastructure are a welcome step, the statement provided little additional clarity on key pledges like Network North, and the choice to maintain capital budgets in cash terms again, effectively means another cut in infrastructure spending.

‘With a Spending Review imminent, further uncertainty about whether infrastructure promises will be met could be around the corner.

‘The British public want to see networks and services transformed for their benefit.

‘Reducing uncertainty must be a priority going forward.’