“Welcome, if belated, recognition of the value of biogas, but much more left to be done and urgently” – biogas association says in response to Biomass Strategy publication

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) welcomes the publication, today, of the UK Government Biomass Strategy, and the recognition of the critical role that biogas and biomethane will play in the energy transition.  It however regrets the time it’s taken and highlights the long road ahead for government to realise this potential.

Chris Huhne, Chairman of ADBA and former Energy and Climate Secretary, said: “The UK Government has been uniquely slow – by comparison with both the United States and the European Union – to encourage biogas,as part of the energy transition. This is a welcome, if belated recognition of the priority uses to meet Net Zero, but more targeted support is needed to unlock the potential of key biogas feedstocks. Manures, slurries and agricultural residues are the biggest area of growth for the biogas industry, but the potential will be untapped without ministerial heft and push.”

“Methane is twenty times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas“ Chris continues, “Biogas provides a quick win when time is pressing. Sustainable biomass is key to achieve Net Zero and whilst we applaud the publication of the Biomass Strategy, which has been two years in the making, we urge the Government to urgently publish the Sustainability Criteria Consultation that was expected to go hand in hand with it”.