Biogas trade association dismayed at Rishi Sunak’s support of Oil & Gas in Scotland

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) reacted with dismay at the UK Government’s announcement of new licences being granted for oil and gas exploration in Scotland and the North East of England.

Charlotte Morton OBE, ADBA Chief Executive, said “What a missed opportunity this is to invest in the development of green alternatives to fossil energy, considering the need to urgently address climate change and the commitments made by the UK Government to achieve Net Zero by 2050 .”

And if the main objective of the Government is to ensure energy security, we made it clear to then PM Boris Johnson at the outset of the Ukraine war that anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas could play a major part in replacing oil and gas imports from Russia and other countries and strengthen the UK’s energy resilience.  All of that still stands. (1)

We will be hosting a conference in Scotland in September showcasing the potential of AD and biogas in achieving energy, climate and food security – as well as job creation, and we invite government ministers to join us and see for themselves the key part our industry could play in achieving their aims.”

(1)  By 2030, the UK’s AD sector could deliver its full potential, generating an estimated 55-76 TWh of biomethane – over two to three times the amount of gas the UK currently imports from Russia.

Letter to Boris Johnson press release

The ADBA Scottish Conference 2023 will take place in Edinburgh on 19th September.