Biogas association comments on UK Governments’ response to UK Emissions Trade Scheme consultation

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has reacted to the publication, today, of the outcome of the Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme consultation launched in March 2022 by the UK-ETS Authority made up of DESNZ, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Government, and DAERA of Northern Ireland.

Chris Huhne, Chairman of ADBA and former Energy and Climate Secretary, said: “Bringing biogas and biomethane into the emissions trading scheme would make economic sense, as it would create a level playing field for biogas producers to show what they can do to reduce carbon emissions. The sector can grow to a similar size as nuclear by 2030, but it needs the assurance of the ETS to grow rapidly.”

In the publication, the UK-ETS states that “We acknowledge the role biomethane will have in delivering net zero. While there are other government support schemes for biomethane, we recognise how the UK ETS can support the development of low carbon technologies as part of a package of measures to deliver emissions reductions.  We will explore the interactions between biomethane and the UK ETS and expect to set out further details in due course.”