Greenpeace reaction to Energy Security Bill

In reaction to the government’s Energy Security Bill, which will be introduced into Parliament today by Kwasi Kwarteng, Greenpeace UK’s head of politics, Rebecca Newsom, said:

“This Energy Bill had the opportunity to deliver on the Government’s goal of 95% decarbonised electricity by 2030, delivering the necessary laws to upgrade the grid and meet our domestic and international obligations. Instead, despite a few positive sprinklings of support for solutions like heat pumps to clean up how we warm our homes, the most pressing reforms have not been delivered.

“The government should be delivering vital measures needed to promote a renewable-centred energy system, like introducing a net zero duty for our energy regulator. Yet, Kwasi Kwarteng appears to be more interested in making another backdoor attempt to clamp down on brave protestors pushing for a transition away from fossil fuels, and failing to account for the real emissions impact of oil and gas extraction and use.

“Ministers should bring forward urgent amendments to salvage this bill and avoid fundamentally undermining the UK’s ability to meet our climate commitments.”