Shock poll slashes Labour lead to just three points

Labour's lead has been cut to just three points, according to a surprising new poll released today.

The latest Ipsos Mori poll put Labour on 34%, down four, the Conservatives on 31%, up two, and the Liberal Democrats unchanged on ten per cent. Ukip were down two points on 13%.

The result is significantly lower than most current polls and analysts have warned that the findings should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Today's YouGov tracker poll, for instance, put Labour ten points ahead, on 40% to the Tories' 30%.

Ipsos Mori has the harshest turnout filters in the business and only includes those who consider themselves absolutely certain to vote.

Nevertheless, the figures do suggest a softening in the Labour vote. It is the lowest lead for the party since a ComRes poll last September during the Tory party conference.

The poll comes amid continued criticism of Ed Miliband's leadership and a competent but unremarkable performance in the local elections.