Bercow ‘just like Stewie from Family Guy’

By Peter Wozniak

A Conservative MP has likened John Bercow to the Family Guy infant with plans of world domination and matricide.

Brooks Newmark made the comments on Twitter, adding to the chorus of jibes at the expense of the Speaker.

Commenting on Mr Bercow’s terse manner in the chamber, the Braintree MP wrote: “When agitated, the Speaker really does sound like Stewie in Family Guy!”

The character from the popular show, depicted as a diminutive and well-spoken baby is known for his habit of devising evil plots in his quest for power.

It follows on from a joke made by the prime minister to journalists last week, where he related how minister Simon Burns has been accosted by Mr Bercow for a minor accident in the Commons car park.

Mr Cameron told the press lunch that the Speaker had chastised Mr Burns, saying: “I’m not happy!” In reply, the Tory MP joked: “Well, which one are you?” in a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

It was not the first time that Mr Burns had mocked the Speaker for his short stature. He reportedly muttered that Mr Bercow was a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf” while in the Commons chamber.

The Conservative party holds little love for Mr Bercow, railing against his schoolmasterly manner in the House and the supposed influence of his wife Sally – who is a Labour activist.

The Speaker, formerly a Conservative, was elected largely on the back of Labour MPs, much to the chagrin of the Tory benches.

Mr Newmark also commented on the boredom he experienced during a parliamentary business, tweeting: “Listening to Gordon Banks + Nia Griffiths arguments against excellent postal services bill is a bit like watching paint dry on a rainy day!”

The MP has now apologised for the comments following complaints from Labour members of the ‘boring’ committee hearing.