Labour MP in Twitter trouble

Twitter has landed several politicans in deep trouble
Twitter has landed several politicans in deep trouble

By Ian Dunt

A new Labour MP has found herself in the growing army of politicians who have landed themselves in trouble through the use of Twitter.

Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West, took a photo of the scene in the House of Lords yesterday and posted it on her Twitter profile.

"Haven't quite managed to capture sheer number of diamonds and tiaras," she wrote.

But the taking of pictures inside the chamber is strictly forbidden by parliamentary authorities, who said the matter would be dealt with "appropriately".

The Labour MP said she did not realise the rules prohibited photography inside the chamber. She claimed she had presumed it would be alright due to the presence of an official photographer and a television camera.

Twitter is frequently used in the Commons, where MPs and journalists regularly write their assessment of proceedings, although the social media tool is usually restricted to text updates.


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