General election 2010: Tories beat Labour in Milton Keynes South

By Sabine Klensch

Milton Keynes South has given the Conservatives another gain from Labour, bringing David Cameron closer to being able to control a minority administration.

The Conservative candidate Iain Stewart gained the newly formed seat of Milton Keynes South with a majority of 5,201 votes and a share of 41.6% over, Labour’s Phyllis Starkey, who won 32.2% of the votes.

With a relatively high voter’s turnout of over 61%, predictions for the outcome were extremely tight between Labour and Tories for one of the top Conservative targets in the country.

The former seat of Milton Keynes was a Labour hold in 2005, with Labour holding 40.8% of the share versus 37.8% for the Conservatives.

The constituency contains less well-off and more Labour-favouring parts as well as rural areas.

The Tory win comes as a surprise to some extent, although some predictions were pointing towards a Tory gain. It shows once again how this is one of the most unpredictable UK general election for decades.

The Conservatives are experiencing a better morning after the long election night – but remain short of the 326-seat finish line.