Unionists could be key for Cameron

By politics.co.uk staff

The Conservatives could seek to rely on support from unionist MPs if they narrowly fail to achieve an overall majority.

David Cameron’s strong performance in the final leaders’ debate and Gordon Brown’s ‘bigotgate’ gaffe are among the factors which have boosted Tory confidence in the final days of the election campaign.

Polls suggest the Tories are likely to be the largest party in a hung parliament. The Telegraph reported Mr Cameron is likely to opt for a minority administration with crucial support from Northern Ireland unionists in this scenario.

“We don’t need a formal coalition deal if the unionists are on board for the key pieces of legislation,” a shadow Cabinet source told the newspaper.

Whoever forms the next government must be able to secure a majority for the Queen’s Speech of the new parliament.

Vital votes also include the emergency Budget, which George Osborne would make within 50 days of the election, and any ‘no confidence’ motion brought by either the Liberal Democrats or Labour.