Sunday papers express their allegiance

By staff

The Sunday papers have come out in support of various parties ahead of Thursday’s vote.

There are few shocks. The Observer came out in support of the Liberal Democrats, following the same decision by its sister paper, the Guardian. The newspaper usually backs Labour and the decision to switch allegiance surprised some in Fleet Street.

The Independent on Sunday put electoral reform at the heart of its wish list and called for readers to strategically vote against the Tories to secure change in the way Britain elects its government.

“In this election of all elections, the opinion polls, in signalling a hung parliament, suggest a historic opportunity for change that, as Nick Clegg suggests to us today, may not recur for a generation,” the leader column reads.

“And that compels us to suggest that readers should consider voting tactically on Thursday.

“What do we mean by that? As the Tories are opposed to electoral reform and are ahead in the polls, we are asking voters in 85 key constituencies to vote for the candidate best placed to frustrate David Cameron.”

The Mail on Sunday is supporting the Conservatives, as is the Sunday Express, the Sunday Telegraph, and the News of the World, sister paper to the Sun, which has campaigned vigorously for a Tory win.