Clegg – Pensioner poverty a ‘scandal’

By staff

The Liberal Democrats have today promised to restore the link between pension and earnings immediately.

Setting out his party’s policies for older people Nick Clegg said it was a “scandal” that many pensioners live in poverty.

Mr Clegg said a Lib Dem government would keep local post offices open, ensure fair fuel prices and that the raising of the tax threshold to £10,000 would benefit older people.

Speaking in Birmingham he said: “It’s a scandal that 2.5 million pensioners live below the bread line in Britain today.

“Ever since the link with earnings was broken back in the 1980s, the basic pension hasn’t been enough to live on.

“Liberal Democrats will change things for older people, putting fairness into social care and pensions.”
The party says it would also scrap the default retirement age at 65, which means companies can insist employees retire.

Mr Clegg said: “We will also bring an end to age discrimination and stop people being written off or forced to retire once they reach a certain age.

“Liberal Democrats recognise the enormous contribution older people make to our society. In government we would make sure that all of our public services, and businesses like energy companies, treat older people with the respect they deserve.”