Horsham: BNP and Green candidates in double withdrawal

By Stephen Slominski

This afternoon both the BNP and the Green party have confirmed their candidates have stood down from the general election in of Horsham, although the Greens have named a replacement.

Speaking to politics.co.uk South East regional organiser for the BNP Andy McBride said: “I can confirm Daniel McDonald is standing down for personal and private reasons.

“We have no problem with his candidature and he remains a member of the BNP. We will not standing a replacement candidate, which means unfortunately we cannot contest the seat.”

A spokesman for the Green Party also confirmed that their candidate, former BA pilot Tristan Loraine, had withdrawn and would be replaced by Nick Fitter but was unable to comment on the reasons for Mr Loraine’s decision to stand.

Neither Mr Loraine nor his constituency party office were available for comment this afternoon.

This leaves six candidates contesting the South Coast seat where Conservative Shadow Cabinet member Francis Maude defends a comfortable 12,500 vote majority.

The remaining candidates are:

Francis Maude – Conservative
Andrew Skudder – Labour
Godfrey Newman – Liberal Democrat
Nick Fitter – Green Party
Harry Aldridge -Ukip
Jim Duggan- Peace Party