Dover candidates divided over sharing hustings with BNP

by Robert Dobson

Candidates from the main parties in Dover are divided over whether to attend a hustings with the BNP.

The church group Christians Together in Dover is organising an election meeting in the town next week, to which the far-right party is believed to be invited.

Labour candidate and current MP, Gwyn Prosser, has pledged not to take the stand with the BNP under any circumstances.

But Conservative candidate Charlie Elphicke will be attending the hustings.

He said of the BNP: “Oxygen is what will suffocate them. And you may not like it, but there is an ancient tradition of free speech in this nation. Even where we do not agree.

“It is, after all, why we saw off the fascists last time.”

John Brigden, Liberal Democrat candidate, has yet to formally decide on whether to attend.

He said: “I am minded not to take the platform and this is official Liberal Democrat policy regards the BNP. But I am also aware of the appearance that not turning up gives.

“I oppose the BNP they are a racist, bigoted organisation and I want to make a choice that makes it harder for them to secure the publicity and votes that they need.”

Christians Together in Dover confirmed the meeting for will take place on April 22nd but would not confirm the line-up.