Ukip launches manifesto

By staff

The United Kingdom Independence party (Ukip) launched its manifesto today, with promises it will pursue the “edgiest campaign in British political history”.

The party adopted a tough stance toward immigration.

There were also firm pledges to distance Britain from the European Union (EU). The party would retain economic agreements, but leave the “political construct” of the EU.

Former Ukip leader and MEP Nigel Farage is busy contesting Speaker John Bercow’s Buckingham seat at the election, but party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch is hoping to use the election to turn Ukip into a major political party.

Speaking at the launch event this morning, Lord Pearson said: “Ever since this party was born we were told it’s got no chance.

“But I have a sense that out there in the country we are dong very much better in this elelction than we ever have before.”

It emerged today that Lord Pearson’s wife would be running at the election.