Clegg: Don’t trust Tories on tax

By staff

Nick Clegg has called on the Conservatives to “come clean” over the party’s tax plans, accusing the Tories of hiding a £13.5 billion “bombshell”.

The Liberal Democrat leader, speaking in Glasgow as he launched his party’s Scottish manifesto, contrasted the £13.5 billion which Tory tax plans would cost with the “paltry” £100 million of alternative tax revenue proposed.

“Every Scottish person knows from the poll tax that you cannot trust the Conservatives on tax,” Mr Clegg said.

“Your taxes will go up under the Conservatives… it is time for the Conservatives to come clean about how they will pay for these tax cuts without decimating schools, hospitals and police forces across the country.”

Among the Tory tax plans highlighted by Mr Clegg were tax breaks for married couples, a freeze on council tax and tax breaks for millionaires with a £2 million exemption from inheritance tax.

He said a £13.4 billion press conference, equivalent to a rise of three per cent in VAT, had not been allocated – but that this would cost the average household an extra £389.

Mr Clegg added: “If you’re on an ordinary income, you have a choice. If you want your taxes to rise: vote Labour or Conservative. If you want your taxes to fall: choose the Liberal Democrats.”