Demand for action on off-shore accounts

By staff

An online campaign was launched today by Christian Aid urging supporters to lobby their MPs in an attempt to bring tax justice to developing nations.

The charity said creative accounting by large multinational companies was allowing them to evade taxes in countries which had neither the resources nor the expertise to effectively deal with them.

They are asking supporters to pressure their MP to lobby Gordon Brown on the need to an end to off-shore banking secrecy.

Matthew Sowemimo, Christian Aid’s tax campaign officer, said: “We are asking supporters to get their MPs involved.

“When an MP writes to the prime minister, he or she has to receive a personal reply.

“We are confident that a lot of MPs will support this and that Gordon Brown will be shown the strong support that exists for real reform.”

The charity claimed tax liabilities were reduced by companies who depressed their real profits by hiding money in off-shore accounts.

Christian Aid said these tax-evasion techniques were costing the developing world at least $160 billion a year which could save the lives of 350,000 children per year.

They want the government to call for new rules forcing companies to reveal their profits and the taxes they have paid in the countries where they operate.

Anyone wishing to get involved in the campaign should visit