Most British adults say they will still buy from companies who sack unvaccinated staff

Fresh figures from polling agency Appinio show that most British adults agree with the decisions of companies like Nike and Citigroup to sack unvaccinated staff.

Ahead of the UK’s decision to lift remaining lockdown measures on Friday, the firm has published its most recent data on British attitudes towards Covid-19.

The latest poll found that people are far more optimistic about 2022, but that many are still very concerned about the situation regarding the pandemic.

People still feel concerned about their safety on public transport, and many still don’t intend to get their booster jabs.

58.9% of people said they are still likely to buy goods from companies such as Nike and Citigroup who have fired unvaccinated staff.

More than half of people (56%) still say that they are worried about their health because of the pandemic, while nearly three quarters (69.2%) still see the pandemic as a serious situation.

Around two thirds of people (62.4%) feel that tubes or metros are at least somewhat unsafe to use because of Covid-19.

It also found that 16.1% of people have no intention to get a third booster vaccine.

In any case, people seem much more optimistic about 2022, with 70.4% of people saying they are feeling optimistic about the year ahead

The survey was ran on a nationally representative panel, and Appinio is part of the Europewide membership body upholding polling standards, ESOMAR.