A chance to catch up on our five most-read items of the week.

Five: The real threat to Jeremy Corbyn now comes from the left

In fifth place this week is a piece which, in the wake of Paul Mason's comments about the Labour leader, suggested that the real threat to Jeremy Corbyn now comes from the very people who have most supported him.

Four: David Davis is driving us off a cliff edge

Next is a piece on David Davis' performance in the Commons this week. It suggested that he still appears to have no plan to deal with the huge problems he faces and warned that the Brexit secretary now risks driving Britain off a cliff edge.

Three: Finally a viable opposition to hard Brexit is beginning to emerge

In third place is an article which looked at Ed Miliband's talks with a coalition of MPs over the need for Theresa May to explain to the Commons how parliament will be involved in her plans to leave the EU. It suggested that it's now clear that a growing resistance to a hard Brexit is beginning to emerge.

Two: Labour's 170 questions for the government on Brexit

Until this week Labour have been fairly quiet about Brexit but they are now starting to pile the pressure on the government over its plans for leaving the EU. This is the list of 170 questions published by the party, one for each day before Article 50 is expected to be triggered.

One: PMQs shows Theresa May is in far bigger trouble than she realises

And in the top spot is our verdict of this week's PMQs. It suggested that as the nightmare Theresa May faces over Brexit negotiations becomes clear, she will be in far bigger trouble than she currently realises.