Pick of the week: A Corbyn coup

Five: Shadow minister: Yvette Cooper is 'more valuable' for being a mother

Our fifth spot this week goes to our story that a key supporter of Yvette Cooper suggested she would make a more valuable leader because she was a mother. Writing for Politics.co.uk Labour MP Sharon Hodgson said the next leader of the party should be a woman and Cooper's experience as a mother made her the right choice. The comments echoed an earlier row between the shadow home secretary and leadership rival Liz Kendall.

Four: The Trade Unions Bill is the beginning of the end for all workers' rights

This entry to our top five is actually a piece from back in July. We analysed the government's new Trade Unions Bill and concluded that the new legislation marks the beginning of the removal of akk workers rights. The new rules would make it virtually impossible for public sector workers to effectively organise industrial action.

Three: Simon Danczuk: Why Labour should pause this 'disastrous' leadership race

Photo: © Malcolm Journeaux

In a comment piece for Politics.co.uk Labour MP Simon Danczuk says Ed Miliband left the party with an "absolute mess of a leadership election" and calls for it to be paused to allow the party to identify why new members are joining or becoming supporters. He believes the contest has been a serious failure and risks causing lasting damage to the party.

Two: Why the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are failing

We analyse the recent attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by senior figures of the Labour establishment and draw parallels with the party's botched attempt to prevent Ken Livingstone from becoming Mayor of London. With all the polls suggesting Corbyn is likely to become the next leader of the party it would seem the attacks on him have been as unsuccessful as they were on Livingstone.

One: Labour MPs plotting coup against Jeremy Corbyn 'on day one'

Our top spot this week goes to another story on the man of the moment, Jeremy Corbyn. This was the news that Simon Danczuk said Labour MPs would immediately begin to plot against Corbyn if he becomes the next leader. This follows reports that hundreds of Labour MPs would refuse to serve under Corbyn and warnings by senior party figures that the party would become divided under his leadership.