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Week-in-Review: Rishi Sunak is running out of time

What was the point of Rishi Sunak? When he was gushed into Downing Street last year, he could not have been plainer: “some mistakes were made”, he remarked in reference to his predecessor, “I have been elected as leader of my party, and your prime minister, in part, to fix them”.  After Liz Truss’ “restlessness”,… Read more »

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How stable is the political consensus on the Israel-Hamas conflict?

Closing in on two weeks since air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem, warning citizens of the attack in progress and to immediately take cover, and the situation in the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to develop at a rapid pace.  Warning against a “dangerous escalation”, Rishi Sunak today followed in the footsteps of US president Joe Biden… Read more »