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The Cameroons and Covid — what’s the connection?

The Cameroons were a curious political clique. They arrived on the political scene in the mid-2000s, typically tieless and with a charming youthfulness, harbouring a plan to “modernise” both their party and the country. They championed “compassionate Conservatism”, a useful rhetorical response to the perceived outdatedness of their party. In 2010, they entered government as… Read more »

Abstaining the pain away: Why Rishi Sunak won’t lance the Boris boil

MPs will this evening debate, and likely endorse, the findings of the privileges committee report into Boris Johnson.  But among those not expected to vote in favour of the former PM’s would-be 90-day sanction is Rishi Sunak, who has a conveniently timed meeting with his Swedish counterpart around the time of the debate. (Although he… Read more »