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PMQs verdict: Clearest signal yet the Rwanda plan won’t save Sunak

It’s a tale of two grillings today in British politics.  Capturing the largest part of SW1’s attention today, of course, is Boris Johnson’s appearance before the Covid inquiry — as the former prime minister stares down chair Baroness Hallett’s lead lawyer: the headline-generating Hugo Keith KC. But current PM Rishi Sunak faced his own forensic dressing-down… Read more »

Week-in-Review: From Greek marbles to net zero, Sunak’s embrace of ‘wedge politics’ is taking a toll

Rishi Sunak is a man of many strategies. Some days our prime minister is an apolitical pledge-propounding champion of stability on a mission to exorcise any excitement from British politics with his delivery-oriented “five pledges”. On others, he is a status quo-smashing “change politician”, bearing down on 30 years of stagnant governance.  Sometimes he likes… Read more »